Clearly Tahoe Rentals

At the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park

Kayak and SUP Rentals Fall 2023​

Clearly Tahoe Rentals at the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park


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Sit-on-Top Kayak


Sit-on-top kayaks are considered to be one of the most versatile options and perfect for beginners. Our unique Feelfree styles are equip with integrated handles on the front and sides making them much easier to climb back on from the water. Other features include and adjustable seat, dry storage compartment and bungee straps for belongings.

Clear Bottom Kayak

Enjoy the crystal clear waters of Tahoe with the performance of a recreational kayak! Our Clear Bottom Kayaks are designed with an entirely clear bottom which enables guests to explore up to 65 feet below the surface. With a narrower design, these vessels are much easier to paddle and are permitted to explore within a broader region than our completely clear kayaks.

standard SUP


Our Standard SUP (Paddleboards) are are a great all-around board for performance, durability and maneuverability. Available in both 10ft and 11ft styles, these SUP boards can be enjoyed by both beginner as well as experienced paddlers of all shapes and sizes (weight restrictions do apply). Our TAHE designs offer a foam grip pad, cup holder as well as bungees to strap your belongings.

Transparent SUP

Relax and explore the crystal clear waters with a completely Transparent SUP (Paddleboard). These unique vessels are designed to minimize distractions allowing the paddler to truly enjoy the views both above as well as below the surface.

PEdal Kayak

Our Hobie kayaks offer a unique pedal driven kayaks that enable guest to go faster and explore more during their time on the water. These vessels offer an array of amenities from dry storage to bungee straps and cup holders. Available in both single and double options, guests can choose to enjoy a Hobie Kayak independently or with a partner.

Wooden SUP

There is nothing like riding a handcrafted wooden SUP (Paddleboard) that keeps your momentum as you guide through the water. Our custom hollow-wood paddleboards are designed to be lightweight with a vintage-look and suitable for both beginner as well as more advanced riders.

Clear Kayak

Our popular Completely Clear Kayaks are a great way to kick back, relax and expore a 365 view of the beauty the surrounds you. These vessels while shaped much like a canoe, are paddled like a kayak. Unlike traditional kayaks, our Completely Clear Kayaks are not designed for speed or agility and therefore should not be take far nor in choppy water conditions.

touring kayak

Glide though the water with ease as you enjoy the speed and efficiancy of a 14 foot touing kayak. These vessels are designed for the ultimate paddling performance for the most authentic kayak experience. Our Old Town Castine 140 Touring Kayaks have a 38x20in cockpit and two dry storage areas.

Tandem Island

Paddle, Pedal or Sail along the turquoise-blue waters of Lake Tahoe on our Hobie Tandem Island! This incredible vessel offers flexibility and versatility to handle a wider range of weather conditions with interchangeable means of propulsion.

Classic Canoe

Splash back in time with one of our classic-style Old Town canoes. Canoes are perfect for relaxing and exploring the sights. This small-style canoe is much wider than traditional styles and offers much more stability. Our canoes can be easily paddled by 1 guest or enjoyed by as many as 3 participants.

Floating Lounge

Kick back, relax and float on our premium BOTE floating lounge. All of our floating docks and lounge systems are pre-inflated and anchored within the swimming area for you and your party to enjoy. The 240 Hangout is designed to comfortable seat 2-4 guests (age and weight limitations apply).

Beach Set

Seek shade and comfort without leaving the sandy beach and lake views. Our commercial-grade beach umbrellas are perfect for 2-4 people and will provide a bit of relief from the strong alpine rays. Our Beach Set comes with 1 umbrella and 2 chairs for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful Nevada State Park.
Aksi T
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Amazing people! They were knowledgeable and overall fun people. Jeff is hilarious, lots of energy around there. The nice thing that they have this mat when you walk down the beach, midday the sand gets scorching hot and that mat helps a lot. These little details were a plus for us.
Vincent L.
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Great and efficient staff. Lots of variety in canoe/kayak types (including clear bottoms for a better view of the gorgeous lake underwater!). Excellent safety briefing before heading out. Fair price. MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE VERY EARLY!
Paul N.
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We did a tour in the past with them, they were great then, but glad to see that their company kept their professionalism. I mean complimentary sunscreen, guidance on local attractions, you name it. Our family trip was a success at the beach thanks to you guys. We will be back, again!​
Katie L.
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Amazing rental experience. Super simple and easy to work with! I can tell they take safety very seriously and we appreciated that.