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Reservation Information


Due to heavy tourism and limited parking, advanced reservations will only be available for a small percentage of our rental fleet, The majority of our vessels will remain available for walk-up rentals at the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park. On-site availability may be limited to specific vessel types. Please note: Rental reservations do not guarantee park entry, those wishing to book specialty vessels in advance should arrive early (before 7:00am)


Advanced Rental Reservations
• Choose from a variety of specialty rental vessel options.
• Guarantee your rental availability.
• Shorter lines.

• No guaranteed park entry with reservation.
• Must arrive on-time for check-in.
• Risk of losing rental reservation and deposit due to inability to enter the park or late arrival.
• Committed to a specific day, date, and time.
• Limited availability for advance reservation.



Walk-Up Rentals On-Site
• Flexibility on date, date time and arrival.
• Pay for time used.
• All day start-times (weather permitting)

• Longer lines.
• Limited rental options.
• No guarantee of rental availability.


Clearly Tahoe is now accepting reservations for Kayak and SUP rentals from the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park.
Is a reservation the right option for you? Guests can now reserve a vessel in advance from the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to get in. Please review reservation information below to decide if a reservation is right for you or if it’s best to plan for a walk-up reservation at the park.

Advanced Rental Reservations
Guests who book online can choose from a variety of specialty rental options that might not available for walk-ups on-site. If you are interested in booking a rental for a Completely Clear Kayak or a Hobie Tandem Island, you will have to make a reservation online. Specialty rental items are restricted to limited paddle areas, rental regions or experienced sailors so it is important to review the details prior to making a reservation.

A $10.00 non-refundable deposit will be due (per vessel) at the time of reservation. All remaining fees will be due at the time of rental return.

Rental reservations do not guarantee access to the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park.Parking is limited and the park is often subject to capacity closures as early as 9:00am (June – September). We strongly advise arriving early (7:00am) to obtain park entry. Parking and park entry is never guaranteed.

All rental reservations are scheduled to start in the early morning before 10:00am. Guests must arrive on-site for check-in no less than 15 minutes prior to the start time of scheduled rental for check-in and outfitting. Guests who miss their check-in time may loose their rental reservation as well as any deposit or fees associated with their rental reservation.

Guests who miss their scheduled rental reservation are welcome to book walk-up rentals on-site at the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park. If park access is not possible, guests can use the East Shore Express shuttle for entry to walk-in on the East Shore trail from Incline Village. Walk-up rentals are subject to availability. Guests who choose to book via walk-up should be prepared for longer wait-times. Initial deposit lost from advance reservations cannot be carried over or applied to walk-up bookings.

This is option is best recommended for guests who are prepared to enter the park early and and wish to reserve specific rental vessels.

Walk-Up Rentals On-Site
Walk-up rental reservations are available on-site at the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park. Guests who wish to book via walk-up can do so at our Clearly Tahoe Rental tent located on the Main Beach at the Sand Harbor Nevada State Park. Walk-up rentals are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Guests who attempt to book rentals on-site should be prepared for longer lines and possible wait-times for specific vessels.

At our Clearly Tahoe Rental tent, guests can enjoy a variety of outdoor games, benches and shaded areas while they gather their party or await rental availability.

Please Note: Lines and walk-up rental wait times can be as long as 30-90 minutes between 11am and 1pm on busy days.

Guests who choose to book walk-up rentals can do so at any time during normal hours of operation. Walk-up reservations will require a rental primary 18+ with a valid ID and Credit Card. Payment will be saved on-file at the time of check-in and processed upon rental return.

Note: advanced reservations cannot be made at the Clearly Tahoe Rental tent. We highly recommend having your whole party available or nearby at the time of booking to avoid interfering with rental time.

Guests who wish to access the park for walk-up rentals can do so by entering early with their own vehicle, taking the East Shore Express shuttle into the park or walking in on the East Shore trail from Incline Vilage, NV. Visitors are responsible for their own cost of parking and/or park entry as it is not included in the rental rate.

This option is best for visitors who wish to check the wind and/or weather before planning their day, can not enter the park early or will need to use public transportation for park entry. If guests are interested in late morning or afternoon rentals, this is the best method for you.